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Do you also deliver to me?
Under this link you find our delivery areas: Link

What are the delivery times and order deadlines?
We offer two delivery windows: 11-12 am (order deadline 10:30 am) and 12-13 pm (order deadline 11:30 am). We deliver from Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend deliveries are possible by arrangement, depending on the quantity and delivery location. You can find more information about larger orders here.

Can I still order after the order dealine?
Unfortunately, no. We put together the delivery routes for our couriers right after the order deadline.

Can I also order by phone call?
Unfortunately no. We can only accept orders through our website. However, we also offer purchase on account for orders of 10 bowls or more.

Can I order bowls on invoice?
Yes, we will be happy to issue you with an invoice for orders of 10 bowls or more. Please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+41 43 500 39 33). Quantity discount for companies: If you order 2 or more bowls, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire order, from 10 bowls a 15% discount, from 30 bowls a 20% discount and from 100 bowls a 25% discount.

How does my bowl get to me?
Your Bowl will be delivered by bike couriers in the city of Zurich and the surrounding area.

How do I know when my bowl was delivered?
Our bike couriers will ring after they have placed your order in the mailbox. In addition, you will receive a delivery confirmation via SMS.

Is it bad if I can’t take my bowl out of the mailbox right after delivery?
We prepare our bowls fresh every day. Therefore, it is not bad if they are not eaten immediately. However, the bowl should be in your fridge as soon as possible after delivery. We recommend that you choose the delivery window so that you can enjoy the bowl fresh. In winter outside temperatures, the mailbox can easily be converted into a refrigerator for a few hours 😉

Can I order a different sauce or an extra large portion?
Unfortunately, we cannot make individual adjustments in our preparation processes.

Can I also order from you in the evening?
At the moment we do not offer evening delivery, but you can also order a bowl at lunchtime and enjoy it in the evening. Evening and weekend deliveries are available by arrangement, depending on quantities and delivery location. You can find more information about larger orders here.

What do I do if my delivery address does not have a mailbox? Can I still order? 
Order as normal via the website. During the payment process there is a separate field where you can leave notes about the delivery address.

How can I tip the bike couriers?
If you would like to tip our great bike couriers, you can simply put the tip in an envelope (with Bowlz written on it) in the letterbox. Our couriers also receive a free bowl per shift as a tip substitute.

Food – Packaging – Quality


What is the shelf life of the bowls?
The bowls all have a best before date +2 days. This means that if we deliver your bowl on Monday, it is edible up to and including Wednesday. The bowls must be refrigerated.

Where do you source fish and meat for your bowls?
We use only Swiss meat for our bowls and are thus committed to high quality, species-appropriate husbandry and short transport routes. We maintain long-standing relationships with our suppliers, who provide us with fish from sustainable sources. Our fresh salmon comes from a farm in Norway and is ASC certified. The tuna is wild caught and MSC certified. The origin of our fish and meat is declared in every bowl creation.

Do you also have vegan bowls on offer?
One to two vegan bowls are on our menu each week.

What are you particularly proud of?
There are many things: For example, we import our fish ourselves from the origin and can thus ensure a unique quality. Our smoked salmon contains only salmon, salt and smoke. We also import the rice ourselves and it is processed especially for us. We have our soy sauce made especially for us, which is why we can say with certainty that our soy sauce is gluten-free. So what are we proud of? This: We offer top quality at top prices!

How do I know if I can eat the bowl cold or hot?
Basically, almost all of our bowls are designed for cold consumption. Some menu creations you can also mention in the microwave, do not forget to remove the lid and the sauce before heating. You can find more info in the corresponding product description.

What is the packaging made of?
The tray is made of cardboard with PLA coating, the lid is made of rPET. For environmental reasons, we do not use carrier bags, napkins and cutlery in the delivery.

Is the soy sauce gluten-free?
Yes, because we want to offer our customers a gluten-free version of the soy sauce, we have it specially produced.

Where can I find information on allergens?
Our internal quality assurance department compiles an allergen list for each of the products based on the legal limits. You can find this list in the details of each bowl on the website.

Payment, Vouchers & Discounts


How do I redeem discount codes or coupons?
Enter your coupon or discount code in the order overview at the beginning of the order process and activate it by clicking “Save”. Afterwards you will see the new payment amount with deduction of your discount or voucher code. Discounts and voucher codes of any kind cannot be cumulated.

How can I pay for my order?
We only accept payment online. In our webshop you can pay by credit card, Twint, Lunch-Check and other providers. For bulk orders of 10 bowls or more, we also offer purchase on account.

Are there gift certificates from Bowlz?
Of course. Under this link you can find our voucher and all important information.

Do you have any discounts?
Of course! We offer 10% discount from 2 bowls, 15% discount from 10 bowls, 20% discount from 30 bowls and 25% discount from 100 bowls. We have a different order deadline for large orders. Find out more about the exact procedure here.

Which partner do you work with?
We have cooperations with various companies, the detailed conditions can be found on the provider’s website. Our partner offers are: VegipassStuCardISIC CardHelloZurich.

Delivery to companies


Quantity discount for companies
Need inspiration for your office lunch? If you order 10 or more bowls you get 15% off your entire order, if you order 30 or more bowls you get 20% off and if you order 100 or more bowls you even get 25% off. So it’s worth ordering together 😉

How do I order bowls to the office?
For orders up to 9 bowls, you can order as normal via the website. Enter your name and the address of your place of work when ordering. You can also leave notes for the courier in the separate “Delivery address note” field. For orders of 10 bowls or more, we need your order at least one working day before your desired delivery date by e-mail to You can find more information here.